Custom 2 tone wheels and calipers installed on our SRT Grand Cherokee.
Jeep SRT wheels finished in Bengal black, calipers in bohemian blue, wheel logos matched to calipers
Makeover on our TBSS, satin black wheels, pearl white calipers and blue accents. Wheels custom 2 toned to match fender stripes.
Customer 2 toned TBSS wheels.
Porsche Cayenne Turbo S wheels installed!
Satin black Cayenne Turbo S wheels.
Custome KMC wheels done for a cherokee sport
Wrangler JK fenders and offroad jack done in wet black
Marauder fuel tank done in a custom 2 tone, wet black and metallic silver.
G35 drift car F1R wheels repaired and refinished in Glokzin teal, suspension components finished in Neon yellow
Work faces refinished in Bronze Chrome
D-Rings - Wrangler D-rings finished in chartreuse sherbert.
Charger Wheels - Curb rash repaired and refinished in wet gloss black
5 inch Trailbazer SS exhaust tips coated in liquid smoke
Corvette C5 exhaust tips done in gloss black
LS1 custom aluminum valve covers done in Chevy Orange
Trailblazer SS valve covers, misty midnight
2JZ valve covers coated in Prismatic gold
2JZ valve covers coated in Illusion Lime Time
Eldorado valve covers done in Alien Silver
Coffee machine case done in gloss white
D-Rings coat in candy raspberry
Foxbody strut tower bar done in rancher red
Honda CB600 refinished in Ducati Gold
Work wheel faces refinished in gloss white
Work wheels installed
Customer provided image of work wheels installed
Moped wheels done in gloss white
BMW 650 wheel refinished and colormatched.
Gen-Y hitch installed
Gen-Y hitch refinished in candy gold
BMW 650i wheels repaired and refinished in gloss black
Refinished wheels installed
Wrangler wheels two toned and colormatched
Stunt bike crash bars refinished in Majestic purple
Infiniti QX56 wheel refinished in mag blue to match undamaged wheels, done for local dealership needing one wheel matched.
C5 wheels refinished in midnight metallic
BMX frame coated in neon yellow
TBSS wheels repaired and refinished in midnight metallic
E36 subframe, upper control arms, spindles and rar diff cover coated in spiced black metllic, small brackets and dust covers done in satin black.
Spiced black
Spiced black
Spiced black
Spiced black sub frame
350Z wheels repaired and refinished in Spanish Gold
1964 1/2 Mustang wheels and brackets done in satin black, air cleaner done in satin gold to match oem finish
2020 Bentley Bentayga wheels done in satin black
IS-F wheels repaired and refinished in Wet Gloss black.
Rotiform wheels refinished in polished aluminum
Camaro SS wheels repaired and refinished in Wet Gloss black
STi wheels repaired and coated in Wet Gloss black
Wrangler fenders, light bar brackets, d-rings, hood latches refinished in candy raspberry
Wrangler door step refinished in chartreuse sherbert